For Brides Who Break Rules

A Bridal Styling Agency committed to shattering all preconceived notions of what a Bride of Color "should" be. The only rule is there are no rules. Under our coverture, Black Brides are given a safe space to explore creating a wedding look that is not only fashion forward, but authentic to her personal style.


We teach our brides all the tips and tricks to finding the perfect dress. The truth is, knowing what style of dress is only half the battle, so we create a customized style guide that gives you a clear direction on every path of your dress journey.


We already know your style is a key part of who you are and we love everything about that! Now watch us use your day to day expression as inspiration to transform you into a bride that will stop breaths on your wedding day.


Through this entire process we will encourage you to keep you and the one you chose at that the fore front of your mind. Because what better feeling than walking down the aisle knowing everything surrounding you is a reflection of you?