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Dara Adams is a fashion stylist, born and raised in New York City. She majored in fashion merchandising and interior design at Howard University, with hopes of becoming a corporate level buyer but towards the end of her college years she found her self dabbling into styling for local designers and artists. She eventually went on to work on projects for t.v/film and celebrity clients. Although she knew working in the fashion industry was where she wanted to be, she still felt she hadn't exactly found her niche. It wasn't until taking a styling position at one of the trendiest bridal boutiques in the city that her love for couture fashion and affinity for using fashion to uplift people came full circle. 


  • Dara loves to travel around the world as a form of self care. Being that she is an entrepreneur, she doesn't get a lot of time to herself,but when taking trips she finally gets a chance to press pause.

  • She's very passionate about activism and believes a part of everything she does should be in service of improving the positioning of the people in her community. Because of this, she uses her artistic expression as a way to advocate for the betterment of her people. 

  • Dara also enjoys a fulfilling career as a dance instructor. She is currently a high school dance arts teacher and Dance Director for a performing arts program. Both programs are located in her hometown, Brooklyn.



 A lack of diversity and inclusivity in the wedding fashion industry has made wedding styling a daunting task for black-brides-to-be. Some Women have even shied away from the idea of a ceremony and dress in fear of not being able to find anything that speaks to them. Her experience in the bridal industry has taught her that Blaxk women aren't really seen in the wedding business. Most publications and media outlets showcase one kind of Black Bride leaving Women that may be looking for something a little less “typical” with nothing to relate to or be inspired by. 


Veil by Dara Adams was created to give misrepresented brides an opportunity to express their personal flair. Today Dara dedicates her time to helping Black Women develop a bridal style that speaks to the essence of she is.  She's built a brand that takes into consideration every aspect of a woman's identity….Her culture, her lifestyle, her beliefs and values, and uses that to offer options that honor it. Dara recognizes that we show up in so many different yet beautiful ways in the world and she is fulfilled by the opportunity to motivate Women of Color to do so unapologetically. 

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