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Work with us to transform your unique personal style into an authentic bridal slay.

You Shouldn’t Have to Go From Trendsetting Bawse to Basic Bride


Deep down you want to shake things up and wear something out of the box.

But a part of you is afraid to ruin your once-in-a-lifetime chance at being “the bride”.

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Mainstream bridal fashion is often uninspiring, unimpressive, and just not a vibe.

But society has taught us, in order to truly feel special on our wedding days, we should conform to the stereotypical style of the “traditional” bride.

By now you may have considered wearing this type of dress, in an attempt to make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime moment, but deep down, it just isn’t you.

You don’t do basic. Your personal style is far from ordinary. And although you want this moment to feel special, you also want to get married feeling like your authentic self.

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So, you’ve spent countless hours pinning bridal photos hoping for inspiration to spark.

You've scrolled mindlessly through wedding IG accounts but none of the looks appeal to you.

And you start wondering to yourself …Will I ever find a wedding look I love?

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You’re unsure of how to go about incorporating your own sense of style into a wedding look

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It’s often difficult for fashion-forward brides to find the balance between who they are and the brides they typically see.

This may be why you're feeling less confident in your styling abilities.

Why you feel you might not make the right bridal fashion choices.

Why you feel it might be better to wear something safe, that won’t derail the look of your dream wedding.

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What you may not realize is the bridal fashion world is completely different from the one you slay on the daily.

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But you're not the only one.

After almost a decade of transforming bomb women into badass brides, I’ve noticed 3 reasons why women generally settle for cookie-cutter wedding fashion instead of stepping out of the box and into who they are.

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With trying to envision themselves in styles they didn't feel connected to or inspired by

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After wasting time, attending appointments at boutiques that didn't have options to fit their style, body shape, orprice point

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From not having the support system in place to encourage them to stay true to themselves during their shopping process and prevent their wants from being overshadowed by the opinions of others along the way

But what if you didn’t have to compromise?

What if you had the guidance of someone who not only had a deep understanding of bridal fashion, but could help you curate a wedding wardrobe based solely on your wedding day desires.




A full bridal styling service to help you transform your individual style into one-of-a kind bridal look.



As Black Women, we have already had to sacrifice too much of ourselves, while trying to live up to the ideals of others.

We've come so far, by taking our power back and showing up proudly and unapologetically in all spaces.

Why should your wedding be any different?


You deserve to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day

You deserve to feel happy about investing in your bridal fashion

You deserve to have a wedding that is authentic to you

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But Great Style Takes Strategy

Wedding dress shopping isn’t as easy as just showing up to a bridal boutique and trying on hundreds of dresses until you find “the one”.

Without clarity and support, navigating the bridal fashion space can be stressful, emotional, and even disappointing. Lack of direction will have you jumping from appointment to appointment, wasting time and money looking for something with no clear way to know if you’ve found it.

And that’s where Style the Aisle comes in.

Working with a bridal stylist who understands your distinctive taste, you can easily glide through the complete wedding shopping and styling process, receiving expert fashion advice and support through each step.

Having this level of support allows you to get the type of wedding look you want … without having to minimize who you are.

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Here’s How Style the Aisle Works to Help you Slay your Bridal Outfits

1:1 Styling Consultation

Your bridal styling experience begins with a one-on-one session where we take a deep dive into who you are and the what and whys of your personal style.

This includes a review of your full wedding details so we can understand how your style fits into the overall theme of your wedding.

Then, we’ll design a visual style concept that embodies the editorial look you desire while remaining in cohesion with your overall wedding style.

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Step 1

Style Clarity

Personal Shopping and Wedding

Wardrobe Development

Now, we dive into our bridal fashion expertise to vet boutiques and source unique fashion choices.

After we develop a clear idea of your bridal style, we’ll launch into our network and contacts to identify the right boutiques for you to consider. The ones where you won’t waste hours looking at styles that will never suit your tastes.

By streamlining your shopping process, we’re able to prevent you from wasting time and becoming unnecessarily overwhelmed with options.


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Step 2

Style Strategy

Day of Styling

This is your big day! And we’ll be there to make sure every style detail we’ve planned remains intact, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

While your bridesmaids are getting glammed, sipping champagne, and celebrating you, our style team will be present to prep all garments, troubleshoot any wardrobe-related issues, and make sure not a piece is out of place.

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Step 3

Style the Aisle Slay

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Meet Victoria

“Dara was able to advise me on what would look best on my body type and still accent the vision I had for my wedding. She made sure I stayed within my investment point and strategically chose bridal boutiques that could accommodate the look I was going for.”

- Style the Aisle Bride

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Custom shopping itinerary


3 shopping appointments for the bride

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3 shopping appointments for bridal party

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Monthly/Bi-Monthly styling call (Depends on # of looks being planned)

Access to styling portal which houses:


Style concept mood board
Calendar for all appointments
Lookbook with shoppable links for all looks

Unlimited email and voice message support

But that’s not all.

Book Style the Aisle and receive styling for your engagement shoot and one pre-wedding event look.

This can be your reception, bridal shower, welcome dinner, etc. You decide.

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What you may not realize is that the bridal fashion world is completely different from the one you slay on the daily.

It’s often difficult for fashion-forward ladies like yourself to find the balance between who YOU are and the boring brides you typically see zipping past in your IG feed.

That’s why your confidence is taking a hit.

Why you feel that you might not make the right bridal fashion choice.

Why you feel you need to compromise and get something safe that won’t derail your dream wedding.

During my time working in the bridal industry, I’ve matched hundreds of brides with the dress of their dreams, allowing them to center their personal wants and needs into their dress shopping experience. My process allows them to cut through the noise of unrealistic expectations and pressure to make their own rules for how they would show up on their wedding day.

Veil by Dara Adams was created to give misrepresented brides an opportunity to express their personal flair. Today I gladly dedicate my time to helping Black Women develop a bridal style that speaks to the essence of who she is.

When curating looks for clients, I believe it’s necessary to consider every aspect of a woman’s identity … her culture, her lifestyle, her beliefs, and values, and uses that to offer options that honor it. I recognize that we show up in so many different yet beautiful ways in the world and I’m fulfilled by the opportunity to motivate Women of Color to do so unapologetically.

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Meet Crystal

“Her day-of services are unmatched. Words really can’t explain how she went above and beyond! From wake-up calls and breakfast to scheduling each lady for hair and make-up. She runs a tight ship, and I couldn’t have done it without her!”

- Style the Aisle Bride

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Oh Hey!
My Name is Dara

I’m the founder and lead stylist of Veil by Dara Adams, a bridal styling agency helping brides walk down the aisle looking & feeling like their truest selves.

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You don't want to be forced into anyone else’s idea of how you should represent yourself on your wedding day.

You’re already overwhelmed by the other areas of wedding planning, and you don’t want your bridal style to be an afterthought.

You’re ready to take control of your bridal process and invest in a stylist that keeps your wants at the forefront and work towards flawlessly executing your vision.

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 I book a limited number of bridal projects each month so I can provide my full attention to each bride’s needs. So, make sure to book your spot before it’s too late.