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Work with us to transform your unique personal style into an authentic bridal slay.

You Shouldn’t Have to Go From Trendsetting Bawse to Basic Bride


Deep down you want to shake things up and wear something out of the box.

But a part of you is afraid to ruin your once-in-a-lifetime chance at being “the bride”.

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Mainstream bridal fashion is often uninspiring, unimpressive, and just not a vibe.

But society has taught us, in order to truly feel special on our wedding days, we should conform to the stereotypical style of the “traditional” bride.

By now you may have considered wearing this type of dress, in an attempt to make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime moment, but deep down, it just isn’t you.

You don’t do basic. Your personal style is far from ordinary. And although you want this moment to feel special, you also want to get married feeling like your authentic self.

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So, you’ve spent countless hours pinning bridal photos hoping for inspiration to spark.

You've scrolled mindlessly through wedding IG accounts but none of the looks appeal to you.

And you start wondering to yourself …Will I ever find a wedding look I love?

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You’re unsure of how to go about incorporating your own sense of style into a wedding look

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It’s often difficult for fashion-forward brides to find the balance between who they are and the brides they typically see.

This may be why you're feeling less confident in your styling abilities.

Why you feel you might not make the right bridal fashion choices.

Why you feel it might be better to wear something safe, that won’t derail the look of your dream wedding.

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What you may not realize is the bridal fashion world is completely different from the one you slay on the daily.

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But you're not the only one.

After almost a decade of transforming bomb women into badass brides, I’ve noticed 3 reasons why women generally settle for cookie-cutter wedding fashion instead of stepping out of the box and into who they are.

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With trying to envision themselves in styles they didn't feel connected to or inspired by

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