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You're Cordially Invited to the 

VBDA Bridal Style and Sip


Hosted by Dara Adams

Let's Toast It Up to You + 

Master Bridal Style in the Process!

Congrats sis! You’re a glowing bride-to-be preparing to enter a new chapter of your life! You’ve always dreamt of this moment and of course, what you would wear. But now that it’s time to finally say yes to the dress, figuring out how to translate that Pinterest board full of inspo into the dress of your dreams feels harder than you thought.


You don’t have to figure it out alone! For the first time ever, bridal stylist Dara Adams is offering a FREE masterclass where she’ll be sharing the process she uses to help her clients bring their bridal visions to life while dodging the unnecessary time, tears, and stress that often come with wedding gown shopping.

Count Me In!

Walk down the aisle looking & feeling like your truest self. 

During this fun & festive celebration, we'll link up, toast to your big day, and I'll teach you how to develop the bridal look of your dreams that is true to their vibe and your authentic sense of style. 


  • The What & Why's of your personal style 

  • How to align your look with your theme & your personality

  • How to create and stick to your bridal budget 

  • How to find the best bridal shops and prepare for appointments 

  • How to build a support system with your best interest in mind

Limited seats are available & this will be the only time
this Masterclass will be free!

Sign Me Up!

Hey! My Name is Dara...

 And I'm the Owner/Lead Stylist here at Veil.  Thank you for stopping by but let's get down to why you're really here.

  • You're confused about where to start the search for the dress you've been dreaming of...

  • OR

  • Your not sure how to translate your personal style into a look that will feel bridal enough for you wedding day

I'm Ready to Learn!


Thanks to Dara my entire process was stress free. All of my appointments were set for both me and my bridesmaids. She made sure to put the focus on me and my happiness because I was so worried about my friend's and family. She paid close attention to detail and if I had the slightest bit of uncertainty, she made sure to correct it. She helped me bring my entire vision to life!

Janeva Stoute

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